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There will now be a charge for hand scissoring and “excessive” dematting of a pets coat

in order to try and save the coat and prepare your pet for grooming. These charges will

be determined at the time of pet drop-off and discussed with the client prior to grooming.


Exceptional, experienced HAND SCISSORING by Julie (includes hand drying your pet)



Each Grooming visit includes the following:

Brush Out

Nail Clipping

Ears Cleaned

Oatmeal Bath

Drying (hand drying when needed)

Hair Cut (when needed)

Gland Expressing (upon request)


Small Breed: (chihuahua, yorkie, bichon, toy poodle, pug etc.)

With cut: $50.00 & up

Without cut: $40.00 & up

Short Hair breed: $25.00 & up

Medium Breed: (springer, cattle dogs, basset, standard schnauzer, Wheaten etc.)

With cut: $60.00 & up

Without cut: $50.00 & up

Short-Hair breed: $45.00 & up

Large/Giant Breed: (akita, shepards, labs, goldens etc.)

With cut: $70.00 & up

Without cut: $60.00 & up

Short-Hair breed: $50.00 & up ($60.00 for dogs over 70 pounds)



Nail Clipping $10.00

Gland Expressing: $10.00

Flea/Tick Guard Application: $5.00 (guard not included)



Full grooming includes either brush out or lion cut, bath, nail clipping,

and ear cleaning $60.00

Brush outs, Depending on the amount of matting ranges from $30.00 to $50.00

Flea/Tick Guard Application: $5.00 (guard not included)


“We're a Top Knotch Pet Grooming Facility. We look forward to meeting you and your pet. Helping you define the look for your pet, develop ideas - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, lets meet!"  

Julie C. - Owner